Saturday, 25 October 2014

My Body Is Amazing

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Hi, howdy, hello, aloha. 

Sorry I haven't posted as recently these days, I am still here guys bare with me. I have been concentrating on myself a lot these past couple of weeks, focusing on my mental health and happiness. During mid-September I posted a blogpost called 'The Anti Model Series', In hope to basically follow up that series (that honestly had not really begun) I present to you.. My Body Is Amazing. I would also like to bring attention to The Nu Project, I would say don't click on the link if you are very young as things are a little naked (literally this time) but i believe that targeting a younger audience may prove successful in helping all ages accept there bodies and love every bulge, wrinkle and curve, ultimately proving that not every woman is what you see as you flick through the pages of a high-end glossy magazine. I think the Nu Project is just great and the photography is stunning, so everyone… click on this link now to reveal REAL women.

To compliment my Anti-Model series and my revaluation of the Nu Project, I have decided to do another positive '#', after the lovely feedback from my #ProjectBareAll post inspired by Thumbelina Lillie. I am also a huge fan of the 5 minute journal and daily things to be thankful for tags that are floating around so much recently which link well to all these positive vibes - I think this Aussie way of life is going to rub off on me massively, I am definitely planning on coming back to the UK a laid-back, peace loving, gypsy skirt wearing hippy, spreading positivity, flowers and all things righteous across London and the valleys. 

On a more personal note this tag will encourage my journey to health as well as anyone else struggling right now.. the hashtag of course is #MyBodyIsAmazing, vein? nope. Food and calories have consumed my life for far to long, now I am ready to fight. 

My story.

I mentioned awhile a go that one day I will tell my story, why I keep referring to things as "repair my health and happiness" ect. As I have been absent awhile, I feel like I should let you somewhat in. Today I will not let it all out completely (as I am still have a huge battle ahead of me), I also don't want to bore you with my sob story. So let's make things a little more exciting. I will give you a run down…. Disney style. (p.s. I have slightly tweaked the story, but you will catch my drift)

Once upon a time, in a land far, far, away, lived a girl called Sueliana 

She had a loving family, with a mother for a best friend. This happy little family, lived in a oldy-worldy snug in the heart of the beautiful Welsh countryside. Sueliana loved dancing and could occasionally be spotted twirling through the fields, surrounded by flowers of all walks of life. However, Suelianas one true passion was art, splashing paint wherever she went, it wasn't hard to find her.. you'd just follow the colourful road. One day a terrible Ogar, known as Oglan, broke into the cosy, tucked away snug, only to find little old Sueliana twirling her pencil around her hair. There was a Prince due in town, he was looking for a Princess, before Oglan rudely interrupted Sueliana was busy planning the punchy colours for the romantic illustrations she was about to create for the prince's arrival. Oglan upset Sueliana, convincing her she was not good enough to be an artist, and would never be worthy for a prince. So she went on a mission. A mission to be the best person she could be, while also hoping to impress the Prince. After achieving amazing work experience with incredible design companies, and having an academically successful year in her studies, Sueliana was convinced the year 12345 would be the best year yet, showing that damn Ogar he was wrong and that the prince would fall head over heels into her colourful world. Sueliana was convinced that to make 12345 truly the best year she must also adopt a healthy lifestyle, after indulging in copious amounts of chocolate christmas reindeers, crumble puddings, log cakes and sparkling giggle-ade. After hearing about the success of the vegetable cleanse Sueliana decided that was her best shot and decided she too would cleanse her system. Only a terrible thing happened, the wicked Oglan was determined not to let Sueliana succeed, casting an Ogars hideous spell on her which made her take her New Years resolution of being healthy too far. She became obsessed with cleansing and this turned into a horrible nightmare as Sueliana decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle through EATING as well as the occasional cleanse.  She ate all day long, fruits and vegetables were constantly filling the fridge. Sue also enjoyed exercising and eventually noticed the pattern of a tortoises shell forming on her stomach (something she had always desired of her little muffin rolls). This definition was only noticed after she ran as fast as she could on the moving machine of doom and lifting bunny rabbits in each arm, eventually working her way up to the hippopotamus. However, Sueliana became addicted to seeing these results and like Oglan had wished, she took it too far. Only living off the fruits of the ground, she did not support the energy that was being put into her gym routine and busy work schedule. The weight became lower and lower, more food became viewed as a dragons toenail and she wouldn't dear eat anything that society was told was a nasty dragons toenail, never touching a carb, grain or dairy delight, only eating things with that were considered "healthy", she would laugh if you'd even dare offer something with preservatives. Eventually the only food that Sueliana ate was fruits, vegetables and the mermaids of the sea, while continuing to leap and lift every day. Sueliana would feel ashamed if she could not exercise or if she indulged. Even declining free offerings of gold muffins, brought to her by the fashionable minions. Eventually she became very unwell and was taken to see the fairy god mother of medicine, who convinced her that all food is good food. 

Sueliana is now fighting, Oglan tried to take her happiness, family, friends, future but Sueliana is now realising that true happiness is not through what you eat and excessive exercise, it is through enjoying life naturally, the way you did when you were young and carefree, digging up bugs from the garden (yep, I did that). This fairytale is yet to have an ending.. but Sueliana is determined to make it a happy one.

Whether it be you're trying to diet or you're trying to gain neither should consume your life.. you may not be at your goal weight but there is so much more to a body then that muffin top or cellulite, am I right? From experience, you will never be happy with your body no matter how much weight you lose. But we can definitely learn to love our perfect imperfections. 

My first #MyBodyIsAmazing is because I am ME. I have lumps and bumps, I am not perfect, but I am happy being just the way I was meant to be. 


  1. Shed a tear reading this. My daughter was in that dark place four years ago. It was the most heartbreaking thing I have every experienced. However, four years on and she has, most definitely, won. You will too x

    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot to have such amazing words and support. I am glad your daughter managed to beat this, I am determined to follow and overcome this too x