Monday, 6 October 2014

LFW: 2014

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Before I moved out to Sydney, Australia, I attended London Fashion Week working behind the scenes. Backstage was filled with beautiful models, makeup artists and hair stylists from the best brands, creative directors, photographs and of course the staff, interns and designers for the company who had all been working flat out in the run up to the S/S '15 show.

It was incredible to see all the hard-work that was put into the collection embrace the runway and then to read the feedback from some the most notable fashionistas and fashion magazines was the icing on the cake.

Understandably I can't go into too much detail about the show because of confidentiality. However, I have snooped out a few of my favourite outfits from the show, let's call it.. who wore what.

First things first though..

When I was deciding what to wear it was a calamity jane situation. I wanted to glam up, after all I was attending LFW. But, all staff were strictly restricted to no makeup and all black clothing. How might one look glam with no make up and black clothing, was my first thought. My second thought was... well what do the greats say? 
This was the verdict:

Karl Lagerfeld: "One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress."

Ann Demeulemeester: "Black is not sad. Bright colours is what depresses me. They're so… empty. Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not."

So having to wear all black wasn't all doom and gloom.

Don't get me wrong, I love black clothing! But all black… Really?

Anyway, I had my eye on a lady suit at Topshop for a while, it also so happened to meet the criteria of my work clothing requirements. Black.

Without hesitation, I logged onto my computer and snapped it up faster then you can say Cara Delevingne.

If you didn't guess from my previous sentence it was from the A/W collection modelled by Cara Delevingne for Topshop. This Premium Tailored Suit Blazer and Cigarette Trousers was perfect…

1. It was smart.
2. It was sophisticated.
3. It was fashionable.
4. It was comfortable.
5. It was on trend.
6. It was worn by Cara Delevigne.
7. It was black.

I am proud to say I am the owner of a lady suit. The suit jacket is stunningly tailored and the fit is great. I wear it as a smart/casual in the day, and dress it up in the evening. The trousers are a little baggy on my tushy, but this was inevitable as I am currently in search for my lady curves to go with my lady suit. Hopefully I will have some glutes to pad out these trousers soon, but they still looked great. The trousers are fabulous during the daytime and paired with some killer heels in the evening. I wouldn't hesitate wearing them on a night out with some bright heels (when colour is allowed of course), they would look sophisticated and glamourous.

While in London I was a bit of a lone wolf, with nobody around to get a shot of me in my LFW outfit I made do with a mirror celfie.

Of course my favourite pink lipstick had to go, strictly no makeup. But, overall ALL black wasn't seeming so bad.



I was going to pair this outfit with my beautiful new pointed flats. But to be on the safe side I made my shoes all black too, I ended up wearing my un-pictured little black boots.

Anyway, enough about me…

Here is my favourite outfits of what was worn to the show (warning: none of the following photographs are my own):

Daisy Lowe

Paloma Faith

Poppy Delevingne

Olivia Palermo


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