Sunday, 31 August 2014

My weekly smiles #5

It's that time of the week again and oh has it been a mad one. Things are starting to get busier in work and everyone seems that bit more stressed. It is only going to get more hectic from here, so apologies if I am not posting as regularly or posts become shorter, I will be sure to keep you updated on the crazy happenings though making sure each post is a little special. Things will be less crazy after the 15th September, our London Fashion Week show date. I am very nervous but luckily my manager has confronted me about health, I managed to explain to her about my struggles. I know I haven't really gone in depth about what is actually wrong, I have always just brushed over it.. maybe one day I will open up completely to you all, but for now just know that I am fighting & improving, finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was nice to speak openly to my boss and for her to be understanding, this is a hectic time in such a cutting edge industry and I know the last thing they need is me being ill and having to attend dr's appointments. But, talking to her has somewhat gave us a good relationship as her advice is so comforting and motherly.. just what I needed when my family is so far away. Even though this week has been busy it was hard to think of what to post just because I was so rushed off my feet, it has been a case of work-eat-sleep-repeat, but this is what I came up with:

1. Bank Holiday Monday, it was a productive day but I spent it in my lazy clothes. Check out my 'Relaxed Bank Holiday Weekend' to see what I got up to.
2. DMC (deep & meaningful conversations) in work.
3. Finally got in the Embroidery room. Hoping the Print department start needing some help soon too, I am a studio intern so I just kind of float around where I am needed.
4. Wasabi Hosomaki Sushi Bento Box. Weekend working started this week, they provided us with lunch choices of Wasabi Sushi or a Pret Salad. Of course I opted for the sushi!
5. Smoked Salmon. I have been a lover of salmon since I turned pescetarian, adding fish into my diet. This week I bought smoked salmon slices to add into my salads for work. This was the best decision I have made in awhile! Love trying new foods. However, this was great for my taste buds and not so good for my bank balance. Why is it so expensive?!
6. Church. Went to the HTB 9:30am service on Brompton Rd. It was one of those services that you think, wow he is literally talking about my life. I especially like this quote from today's speaker "The antidote to anxiety is gratitude, thankfulness gives contentment".
7. Mugs. Vintage and handcrafted I have finally bought some large mugs, they were the perfect charity shop find at only £2 each and covered in a beautiful floral print. They are so big, perfect for the morning coffee and night time hot chocolate.
8. Student Finance. I got paid!
9. Morning Porridge.
10. Autumnal fashion. Autumn fashion is my favourite, starting to make it's way into the stores. Even though I will be in the sunshine continent when it is autumn in the UK.|

Song of the week: Lily Wood & Robin Schulz - Prayer in c (Robin Schulz Remix). Gives me that Summer vibe.
Movie of the week: Sweet Home Alibama. Sunday night movie time.
Blogger of the week: Laura Jane Williams aka Superlatively Rude. Blogger of all things vagina, spiritualism and food. This girl is a super talented writer, not to mention hilarious.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

A Relaxed Bank Holiday Weekend

I hope everyone has had a fabulous bank holiday weekend last week.

Being transformed into a true Londoner I had hoped to head on down to Notting Hill Carnival, where every year the streets come alive with food, music and colourful costumes for Europe's biggest street festival. 

I guess you could say in reality I am a quintessential countryside girl at heart. So instead of dancing in the streets of London's festivities, I opted for a relaxing weekend filled with many cups of tea, movies and good reads. This choice was mainly down to this being the last weekend I can relax before London Fashion Week madness starts. I will be working late nights and weekends.. so essentially I will be working 24/7. I am actually excited and I am sure I will have loads of stories for you all on the reality of interning in the fashion world in the run up to Fashion Week, as well as all the behind the scenes knowledge from the show!

But for now, let's relax... 

Woke up thankful it's the weekend.

Unwrapped my new trainers I purchased on Friday after work.

Wore my Nike Jordan's for the most part of the day, they are seriously like wearing slippers.. comfort galore!

Morning coffee is a must. The day does not start until the kettle has boiled and the coffee is poured.

Breakfast loving. Topped off my mound of weetabix with banana and clementines.

Stocked up the cupboards in preparation for the busy weeks ahead.

Errands completed, now for movie time.

Traded in my Jordan's for some fluffy socks.

Cuddled up to my bear for extra cosiness.

Got creating.

Salad bigger than my head.

It's Sunday! Time for church.

An organised Bank Holiday Monday. Meal planning in my Filofax.

Then things got messy in the kitchen. Lunches of salads, vegetables, eggs, smoked salmon, cheese crackers, fruit and an un-pictured soup for the week ahead.

Food prepping complete. Followed by Monday's humungous salad bowl filled with all kinds of goodness and drenched in balsamic of course.

Night time read.

With some chocolate of course.

Many yawns later and it's time for bed, ready to reconvene the next day as The Textile Intern working in the mad, mad fashion world. 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

My week in smiles #4

I was unsure whether to post about smiles this week as sadly my Grandma past away. It somewhat seems wrong to post about having a happy week when in reality it has been filled with many tears. But, Grandma was very unwell.. and she is at rest now. I know she would want us to all be positive and strong, while smiling at the good times. So this week my weekly smiles is going to be a little different, it isn't necessarily going to be from the last week. I have instead decided to write about 10 family times and smiles spent with my family as well as remembering my Grandma. I hope everyone has had a great week and bank holiday weekend and that you enjoy this post even though it is not the norm. Bring on next week, may it create many happy memories!

1. Ice cream cake for my birthday in Australia. I always remember this cake being the best birthday cake I had ever had. 
2. My Grandma was GLAMOROUS! She loved her makeup, getting her hair done and a pamper. I always remember her dyeing her hair.
3. Making french toast together.
4. Christmas, spending Christmas many years ago in Australia. I remember getting a baby Annabel! That's how young I was. Anyone else have a baby Annabel when they were younger?
5. Bingo! Grandma loved bingo.. but who doesn't! 
6. Skyping Grandma and Mum when I was in University. I hadn't seen her since I was very young, so when mum went to visit her in Australia we Skyped, it was a conversation filled with many happy tears. 
7. The Big Bang Theory. This is more a memory from my mum, I remember mum saying Grandma loves watching The Big Bang Theory, whenever it is on it now makes me smile.
8. Spending precious time together. Every moment no matter how small I am grateful for.
9. Even though my family are spread all over the world, we always pull together and support each other. There is no love like the love of family. 
10. Memories. Grandma may now be in the heavens but she will always be in our hearts, her memories will never leave us.

Sorry if this post was too personal and not what you were hoping to read this Sunday. I know it doesn't really give you much insight into my week and what I have been loving, but it didn't feel right posting anything smiley other than happy times spent with my family and Grandma.

To keep you enticed until next weeks smiles I will however still share my favourites in song, movie and blog, so check them out if you haven't already!

Song of the week: MNEK - Wrote A Song About You Last Night. Such a great track, I am obsessed!
Movie of the week: Warm Bodies. I have been loving Amazon Prime to catch up on films I wanted to watch but never ended up getting around to watching. I did have Netflix, but they got a bit slow on updating there contents, anyone else feel like they watched everything on there? I bid farewell to my Netflix membership a few weeks a go and have now jumped on the Prime bandwagon.
Blogger of the week: The Londoner. I am sure everyone knows Rosie over on The Londoner, she is my all time favourite blogger, I religiously refresh her blog waiting for a new blog post. This week she has been keeping us all updated regularly on her Parisian adventures.. so grab a cup of tea and head on over, you will spend hours perusing her blog if you haven't already!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Picnic in Hyde Park

A few weekends a go I hopped on the tube and ventured down to Hyde Park for the first time to meet Rosie and picnic in the park. Unfortunately we didn't have the traditional plaid picnic blanket or a wicker basket, so we made do with the ever so glamorous supermarket plastic bags. I guess the best thing about the plastic bags was that they had a multi-use: carry our food and then when we arrived formed our seat. Ok, maybe a blanket and basket would of been better, but as we had both moved to London with bare minimal a plastic bag was the only way for us Hyde Park picnicking newbies.

(I love the couple in this photo gazing at the greenery above them (left hand-side), it reminds me of a movie scene, Twilight perhaps? Relocated in London's famous Hyde Park)

As we explored the park to find the best place to set up our picnic, the sun shone brightly while families and friends gathered with the same desire of making the most of the unpredictable Great British weather.

We finally settled on the grass next to the lake.

Wide brimmed hats are a summer must have, It was actually a breezy Saturday in London, I was lucky I didn't blow away!

Meet Rosie, fashion lover, designer and a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. This girl is one of my closest friends, we lived together in Leeds for a year while I was studying my Art Foundation, and she was studying Fashion Design. She is now an official Fashion graduate and is also countryside girl who is now experiencing life in London. You can check out her fabulous designs here.

Our picnic consisted of an array of food we picked up from the nearby supermarkets. I have a obsession with sushi so couldn't resist grabbing a Taiko Sushi roll, I also chose a feta and olive salad and chopped apple pieces… satisfying all kinds of cravings. My vegetable sushi was in an egg wrap, I had never had this type of sushi roll before but oh my it was good! Rosie got a lot of nibbles, consisting of edamame beans, olives, tomatoes, hummus and vegetable crisps. 

Wish I could say we boated along the lake, but this time we unfortunately didn't, instead we soaked up the sunshine on the shore.

After our picnic we continued to venture and finally bid a sad farewell from some horses on the way out. 

We had then planned to go grab ice-cream...

I hate to admit that this didn't end up happening, we denied our stomachs of some gooey ice-cream mouthwatering sundaes, big mistake. Making it a new rule that no matter how full one should always make room for ice cream while basking in the sunshine! 

Next time I promise we will picnic the right way. I am talking picnic baskets, blankets, triangle sandwiches, crisps, fruit and ice creams.. the works. Prepare for picnic envy!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

My week in smiles #3

The weeks are passing so fast, right? I can't believe this is the third weekly smiles post… spoiler alert: this week might of been the best so far. Although I have said a sad farewell to working in studio with the interior company I had been interning with, I have amazingly been offered the opportunity to work from a distance for the company while I continue the rest of my placements and studies. Tomorrow I will be starting my next internship working for a high-end fashion design company. I am not going to lie, I am fairly terrified. I know fashion can be quite demanding especially as we will be working in the run up to London Fashion Week. I am preparing myself for many sleepless nights, aching feet, finger blisters and eye bags so heavy it will be like lifting weights at the gym. But hey, its going to be a whirlwind experience. Anyway, here's a little list to peruse of the things that have made this week a truly lovely one and I hope you all had a delightful week too!

1. Spotting men with beards. A man with a beard and tattoos is becoming my guilty pleasure. Dreamy.
2. Victoria Sponge Cake with the Sian Zeng team. Another week, another fear food tackled. Victoria Sponge is so simple & traditional but one of my favourite cakes.
3. Stevia. I have recently developed a coffee sweet tooth, Stevia makes this craving slightly more innocent.
4. The Girl with All the Gifts. Finished listening to my first audio book on audible! I enjoyed it but would still rather a good ol' fashioned paper book.
5. Snuggling up in my duvet. I love summer, but appreciating the cooler nights this week.
6. The advice and wisdom from friends and family. I am truly grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful and caring people.
7. Health progress. I had a successful appointment at the doctors this week, to get my mind & body healthy. I have also upped my food content and although it's not as big of an increase as it should be, I can feel myself getting stronger and improvements with my energy levels already.
8. Having the most beautiful Lillies delivered to my flat. You know you have the most amazing best friend when she sends you flowers for no occasion other then to make you smile.
9. Continuing my work with the Sian Zeng team. Even though I will not be in studio, I am glad I get to remain apart of this little design family.
10. Blog reading. Spending my weekend armed with a cuppa and a good blog.

Song of the week: Jamie T - Zombie. Ooooooh yes Jamie T is back! About time as well if you ask me. Loving this track, can't wait for the album to be released.
Movie of the week: After the heartbreaking news, a Robin Williams film had to be my movie of the week. After appearing in so many amazing films I found it hard to pick, so I decided on two of my all time childhood favourites, Jumanji and Flubber! 
Blogger of the week: Catherine Sprunt aka Sprunting. This girl is also a Sian Zeng employee from a distance, so I am yet to meet her. However, I came across her blog through work and have been enjoying reading it, she blogs all things food, interiors, travel and life!

Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Model Diet - Qnola

As mentioned in my SBC workout post, I promised to tell you all more about the Qnola that was given at the end of the workout session.

Photograph by Danielle Copperman
Quinoa Granola (Qnola) is a healthy alternative to your typical Granola breakfast. Granola is packed with sugar, additives, processed dried fruit and many more unwanted extras. I know it's yummy, I was heartbroken too when I discovered this originally thinking of addictive Granola as a healthy breakfast. But unless you read the ingredients and understand what is good and bad you wouldn't have a clue how you are honestly fuelling your body, you know what they say, if you can't say it don't eat it! I am definitely someone guilty of overindulgence with Granola, there is actually quite a few good organic and gluten free brands on the market that I would look at investing in if you can't resist your fix, but now Qnola is on the market I am a Qnola convert. I never missed my normal Granola breakfast at all when I had Qnola in my cupboard. This really is the ultimate no-nasties breakfast, combine it with nut milk or add it to natural yogurt with some fruit to experience something mouthwateringly special... I tried both combinations and couldn't get enough.

Breakfast snap before my first mouthful!

Qnola is rich in antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins and minerals and free from gluten, grains, refined sugar and dairy but is packed with texture and nutty flavour with many superfood ingredients including chia seeds, coconut, goji berries, organic sunflower seeds, almonds and pumpkin seeds. There is also a number of added goodness ingredients in each flavour like beetroot powder, cacao, cinnamon, ginger and agave... healthy never tasted so good! 

Danielle Copperman

We all have the beautiful Danielle Copperman to thank for this heavenly natural, unprocessed creation. Danielle is a qualified nutritionist and model, so if there is anyone who is going to get us that Victoria Secret body it is this woman. If you want to find out more about Qnola you can check out her post about the breakfast that will change your lifestyle over on her blog here.

I also nabbed a few photographs from Danielle's instagram, which I recommend for more healthy meal ideas!

Photography by Danielle Copperman

You can grab your Qnola from The Detox Kitchen at their Kingly Street Deli in London, but it has caused quite the stir.. so if you can get your hands on some you are in luck! They do re-stock the range, so all is not lost. Danielle is also going to be selling Qnola online so everyone no matter where you are can experience this beautiful breakfast...


Thursday, 14 August 2014


Folklore prints, colour riots and embroidered florals. Falling head over heels in love with
Valentino: Resort '15

Photography/Images from 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

My week in smiles #2

HELLO. Happy Sunday. 

This week has mostly focused on good health. As mentioned in previous posts, I have realised that my body is not healthy and functioning properly.. which is effecting me being a good Textile Intern, the Textile Intern I had promised to be at those endless amount of interviews. So I have been focusing on gaining a healthy body & a healthy mind. 

Also, you or may not know this about me, depending on how well we are acquainted. But it is no secret that I am very unlucky when it comes to technical products. I would estimate that I have broken around 8 iPhones and 6 laptops - I once had 3 new laptops in a year - I can imagine my insurance company wasn't best pleased. Now I have to sadly declare that my technical unluckiness has made its way on to kitchen appliances as I have said bon voyage to the second microwave I have broken since moving into my flat, to make it even more a sad farewell the last one came with a vegetable steamer, It had full approval from the rest of the kitchen equipment - excuse me well I just fantasies about everything coming to life dancing and singing around the kitchen recreating Beauty & The Beast - Shameless Disney fan & proud. Any-who to continue my ramble, yep, I have undeniably broken.. not one.. but two microwaves in the space of a month. I sincerely apologies to my accommodation. On the topic of microwaves, I also managed to somehow burn/disintegrate a sweet potato in the microwave the other day, this was a not such a smiley part to the week as I was so Hank Marvin at the time (a bit of cockney rhyming slang, living the London Lifestyle after all) Luckily, I managed to cook up another quickly before my stomach got too foul mouthed. Anyway, I hope you all had a peachy week and lets hope the sunshine doesn't quit on us just yet!

Here are a few things that have made me smile this last week:

1. The Power is Within You - Louise Hay. I mentioned this book in my last post, I really recommend it even if you don't find yourself struggling in life, it is really interesting how powerful our minds can be & you never know it could change your life in 232 pages. 

2. Cardio Barre - Lower Body Shred Workout. I have been doing this workout on Youtube, it is only 15 minutes but really works your legs and glutes and it doesn't get boring, look out Kim Kardashian!

3. Andrew Johnson - Deep Sleep. This man has been talking me to sleep every night. Zzzz..

4. Lindt 70% dark chocolate. Made baby steps to find my balance, haven't had dessert/chocolate in weeks until today!

5. Cuckoo - Taylor Lautner. Need I say more?

6. Sushi. I only tried sushi for the first time a few months back, I am addicted. I could eat it every day of the week, and this week was one of them. Mmm.. 

7. Picnic in the park. Met up with Rosie on Saturday and headed to Hyde Park for a picnic, luckily the sun was shining brightly!

8. Lemons. When life gives you lemons? I have been loving eating lemons this week. Some might find it weird but I eat the whole lemon, even the skin. The skin actually has 5-10 more vitamins then the juice, and it tastes good.

9. Planet Organic. Treated myself a few goodies from this Devonshire Sq Planet Organic the other day, it is so good in there but so expensive. Why is healthy so expensive?

10. Discovering my new favourite coffee - Black Americano with Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup   I have visited Cafe Nero three times this week for this drink. 

Song of the week: Jesus Culture - Your Love Never Fails. This song cheers me up within seconds!

Movie of the week: The Wedding Planner. Is it just me that misses seeing Jennifer Lopez in movies?
Blogger of the week: Thumbelina Lillie - for making the #ProjectBareAll tag!

Friday, 8 August 2014

#ProjectBareAll - I Got Naked.

Don't be alarmed, you are not about to witness my naked booty. 

I stumbled on to a blogger called Zoe Newlove, I don't know how I have only just found this girl but I am glad I did. Zoe is an incredibly talented make-up artist & beauty blogger, who recently bared her naturally beautiful face over on her blog. Inspired by Thumbelina Lillie, she woke up in the morning, not a scrap of makeup on, grabbed her camera, and photographed herself, recreating Lillie's #ProjectBareAll tag, which you can check out here. Girl power is an incredible force and since many bloggers and readers have wiped off their makeup and joined in.

Confidence - #ProjectBareAll promotes confidence in women without the need of makeup. Yep, that means put down the brushes ladies, no foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, eye liner.. nothing but your natural beauty. 

We should all feel beautiful in the skin we are in and learn to love ourselves the way we are, not be getting up earlier than the person you are in a relationship with just to put on your makeup before they wake up - been there, done that. Since my teens (I am now in my twenteens) I have grown to accept myself without makeup, and now wouldn't dream of getting up earlier than the one you love just to cover a blemish or those pesky dark circles. Of course everyone loves to get glammed up, but you should feel just as confident barefaced as you do full faced. Trust me, when you get the courage to step out the door without your makeup, realising everyone isn't going to run away and hide from you in fear and that the only person judging you is yourself, nothing is better then the feeling of letting your skin breathe.

Have you ever met anyone who is confident and doesn't look radiant? No, a confident woman is a beautiful woman, and I am sure every man would agree. 

So here it is Ladies & Gents.. me in all my naked glory. Barefaced. Un-plucked eyebrows. Chapped lips. Blemish marks. On the internet. Not a hint of make up. Feeling empowered. Yes, I have imperfections.. I am not perfect, but who is? 

I encourage you all to feel confident in your own skin, be happy the way you are, because you my friend, are b-e-a-utiful.

Before I end this post, I have a confession:

I have been reading a Lousie Hay book called 'The Power is Within You', yes this is a self-help book if you couldn't tell by my enthusiasm about self love in this post. I can't put this book down when I get started, it is addictive! In fact, after writing this post I will probably continue reading it wearing my big wide framed glasses, stretchy pj bottoms, no makeup, scruffy bed hair and hot chocolate. Honestly, I have spent countless journeys on the tube laughing to myself about how I didn't realise how negative I was and guilty I was of everything she was saying! She believes that "when people start to love themselves more each day, its amazing how their lives change"... I guess thats why I am saying it in this post, about feeling happy with yourself with and without makeup. If there is something I have definitely learnt from Hay it is that loving yourself is more important than I ever thought - for yourself, your future, your health and even those around you, because how can you expect to be loved fully & love others fully, if you do not love yourself. I have to say, before I started this book I would of been sceptical about how much our own thoughts could be so powerful, but now I completely agree! If you give off negative thoughts, and tell yourself you don't feel great today.. you definitely aren't going to feel great. But, if you wake up and say I am healthy and filled with energy, you sure as hell will feel better than if you woke up and said the opposite. Now I am not saying I am the most positive thinker in the world, I am definitely guilty of my fair share of complaining, but I think even if you are sceptical, why not give it a go and then see how you feel. So, tomorrow morning wake up and say "I am happy, healthy, energetic and loved", keep the positive thoughts rolling all day long and see how it effects your day.

I know it can be controversial but I would love to hear what you think, mind over matter?

Also I am sorry for the awful photo quality right now, having no one on hand to take a photo on my DSLR is a pain. So I had to use my phone as it is selfie efficient, but I am hoping to start to use my DSLR for photography in future - feeling all professional ;)