Saturday, 30 August 2014

A Relaxed Bank Holiday Weekend

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I hope everyone has had a fabulous bank holiday weekend last week.

Being transformed into a true Londoner I had hoped to head on down to Notting Hill Carnival, where every year the streets come alive with food, music and colourful costumes for Europe's biggest street festival. 

I guess you could say in reality I am a quintessential countryside girl at heart. So instead of dancing in the streets of London's festivities, I opted for a relaxing weekend filled with many cups of tea, movies and good reads. This choice was mainly down to this being the last weekend I can relax before London Fashion Week madness starts. I will be working late nights and weekends.. so essentially I will be working 24/7. I am actually excited and I am sure I will have loads of stories for you all on the reality of interning in the fashion world in the run up to Fashion Week, as well as all the behind the scenes knowledge from the show!

But for now, let's relax... 

Woke up thankful it's the weekend.

Unwrapped my new trainers I purchased on Friday after work.

Wore my Nike Jordan's for the most part of the day, they are seriously like wearing slippers.. comfort galore!

Morning coffee is a must. The day does not start until the kettle has boiled and the coffee is poured.

Breakfast loving. Topped off my mound of weetabix with banana and clementines.

Stocked up the cupboards in preparation for the busy weeks ahead.

Errands completed, now for movie time.

Traded in my Jordan's for some fluffy socks.

Cuddled up to my bear for extra cosiness.

Got creating.

Salad bigger than my head.

It's Sunday! Time for church.

An organised Bank Holiday Monday. Meal planning in my Filofax.

Then things got messy in the kitchen. Lunches of salads, vegetables, eggs, smoked salmon, cheese crackers, fruit and an un-pictured soup for the week ahead.

Food prepping complete. Followed by Monday's humungous salad bowl filled with all kinds of goodness and drenched in balsamic of course.

Night time read.

With some chocolate of course.

Many yawns later and it's time for bed, ready to reconvene the next day as The Textile Intern working in the mad, mad fashion world. 

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