Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Let's Explore: Bricklane

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Bricklane is one of the most well known streets in East London, with its cultural history, buzzing vibes, amazing curries, artistic patterns and vintage fashions. 

If anyone asked me when to go to Bricklane.. I would say on a Sunday! No other time compares to when your walking down the street and its bustling with people from all over the world. Be sure to get your people watching binoculars on as it is a great place to spot some of the latest vintage trends. 

The markets fill the street with fashion and antiques, there is also huge options for all you fellow foodies to sit down and grab a bite or get something on the go.

I spotted this little stall on the way down and couldn't resist a photograph of these man-vs-food wraps.

But what you really MUST do is experience the curry, Bricklane is famous for the best curry you can get in London!

The first day I moved into my flat I headed down Bricklane for a curry, we even researched which was the best curry house in order to avoid disappointment. Disappointed we were not! In an attempt to dine like curry royalty we decided to try Aladin's, after reading it had been praised by Prince Charles!

I went for the Vegetable Biryani and we shared a Peshwari Nan, sweet and stuffed with almonds and sultana. There is no words for this nan, I have never had a Peshwari that was like this one - it truly was sweet and tasty. With Biryani being my go to curry I was further impressed as this was definitely the best Biryani I have ever devoured, the portion of rice was generous and even enough for everyone else to dig in to! I had only wished for more sauce as it was so good.

If you feel like your stomach can't handle a curry and your wondering the streets for lunch, I would check out 'The Boiler House Food Hall', it has over 30 stalls of international culinary delights!! Your senses will never be so pleased as you step in to this place and experience being surrounded by food from all over the world, be prepared to 'ooo...' and 'aaah…' as you salivate approaching food heaven. TMI?

A few weekends ago I headed down there for lunch with Rosie we couldn't decide what to order, so we went for Ethiopian and Turkish and then split them, feasting in the open air.

Our box of Ethiopian cuisine was all vegan friendly, filled with all types of beans, pulses, vegetables and olives in an Ethiopian style pancake. I couldn't tell you what half of it was but I would happily relive this moment, eating this meal again and again.

The Turkish box was um, not adventurously Turkish. With couscous, red cabbage slaw, more olives, lettuce, pickled long green peppers, halloumi and garlic sauce. This one was tasty but nothing compared to the Ethiopian box of dreams.

Before our feast we headed into a few of the vintage stores, rummaging for some bargains.

(What is great about London is the diverse style, you can really pick up some great tips just by getting outside and exploring the streets. Especially in East London, with the clashings of culture and fashion.. it is a place where anything goes and even the most extravagant looks won't be judged. That is what is so fantastic.. you can be whoever you want to be, wear whatever you want to wear and just be you)

Of course with great alternative fashion, you need great music.

You will catch some new up-and-coming bands as you walk down the cobbled streets.

And don't forget to grab yourself a fresh juice on your way down!

Or a Pineapple.

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