Friday, 8 August 2014

#ProjectBareAll - I Got Naked.

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Don't be alarmed, you are not about to witness my naked booty. 

I stumbled on to a blogger called Zoe Newlove, I don't know how I have only just found this girl but I am glad I did. Zoe is an incredibly talented make-up artist & beauty blogger, who recently bared her naturally beautiful face over on her blog. Inspired by Thumbelina Lillie, she woke up in the morning, not a scrap of makeup on, grabbed her camera, and photographed herself, recreating Lillie's #ProjectBareAll tag, which you can check out here. Girl power is an incredible force and since many bloggers and readers have wiped off their makeup and joined in.

Confidence - #ProjectBareAll promotes confidence in women without the need of makeup. Yep, that means put down the brushes ladies, no foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, eye liner.. nothing but your natural beauty. 

We should all feel beautiful in the skin we are in and learn to love ourselves the way we are, not be getting up earlier than the person you are in a relationship with just to put on your makeup before they wake up - been there, done that. Since my teens (I am now in my twenteens) I have grown to accept myself without makeup, and now wouldn't dream of getting up earlier than the one you love just to cover a blemish or those pesky dark circles. Of course everyone loves to get glammed up, but you should feel just as confident barefaced as you do full faced. Trust me, when you get the courage to step out the door without your makeup, realising everyone isn't going to run away and hide from you in fear and that the only person judging you is yourself, nothing is better then the feeling of letting your skin breathe.

Have you ever met anyone who is confident and doesn't look radiant? No, a confident woman is a beautiful woman, and I am sure every man would agree. 

So here it is Ladies & Gents.. me in all my naked glory. Barefaced. Un-plucked eyebrows. Chapped lips. Blemish marks. On the internet. Not a hint of make up. Feeling empowered. Yes, I have imperfections.. I am not perfect, but who is? 

I encourage you all to feel confident in your own skin, be happy the way you are, because you my friend, are b-e-a-utiful.

Before I end this post, I have a confession:

I have been reading a Lousie Hay book called 'The Power is Within You', yes this is a self-help book if you couldn't tell by my enthusiasm about self love in this post. I can't put this book down when I get started, it is addictive! In fact, after writing this post I will probably continue reading it wearing my big wide framed glasses, stretchy pj bottoms, no makeup, scruffy bed hair and hot chocolate. Honestly, I have spent countless journeys on the tube laughing to myself about how I didn't realise how negative I was and guilty I was of everything she was saying! She believes that "when people start to love themselves more each day, its amazing how their lives change"... I guess thats why I am saying it in this post, about feeling happy with yourself with and without makeup. If there is something I have definitely learnt from Hay it is that loving yourself is more important than I ever thought - for yourself, your future, your health and even those around you, because how can you expect to be loved fully & love others fully, if you do not love yourself. I have to say, before I started this book I would of been sceptical about how much our own thoughts could be so powerful, but now I completely agree! If you give off negative thoughts, and tell yourself you don't feel great today.. you definitely aren't going to feel great. But, if you wake up and say I am healthy and filled with energy, you sure as hell will feel better than if you woke up and said the opposite. Now I am not saying I am the most positive thinker in the world, I am definitely guilty of my fair share of complaining, but I think even if you are sceptical, why not give it a go and then see how you feel. So, tomorrow morning wake up and say "I am happy, healthy, energetic and loved", keep the positive thoughts rolling all day long and see how it effects your day.

I know it can be controversial but I would love to hear what you think, mind over matter?

Also I am sorry for the awful photo quality right now, having no one on hand to take a photo on my DSLR is a pain. So I had to use my phone as it is selfie efficient, but I am hoping to start to use my DSLR for photography in future - feeling all professional ;)

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