Sunday, 31 August 2014

My weekly smiles #5

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It's that time of the week again and oh has it been a mad one. Things are starting to get busier in work and everyone seems that bit more stressed. It is only going to get more hectic from here, so apologies if I am not posting as regularly or posts become shorter, I will be sure to keep you updated on the crazy happenings though making sure each post is a little special. Things will be less crazy after the 15th September, our London Fashion Week show date. I am very nervous but luckily my manager has confronted me about health, I managed to explain to her about my struggles. I know I haven't really gone in depth about what is actually wrong, I have always just brushed over it.. maybe one day I will open up completely to you all, but for now just know that I am fighting & improving, finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was nice to speak openly to my boss and for her to be understanding, this is a hectic time in such a cutting edge industry and I know the last thing they need is me being ill and having to attend dr's appointments. But, talking to her has somewhat gave us a good relationship as her advice is so comforting and motherly.. just what I needed when my family is so far away. Even though this week has been busy it was hard to think of what to post just because I was so rushed off my feet, it has been a case of work-eat-sleep-repeat, but this is what I came up with:

1. Bank Holiday Monday, it was a productive day but I spent it in my lazy clothes. Check out my 'Relaxed Bank Holiday Weekend' to see what I got up to.
2. DMC (deep & meaningful conversations) in work.
3. Finally got in the Embroidery room. Hoping the Print department start needing some help soon too, I am a studio intern so I just kind of float around where I am needed.
4. Wasabi Hosomaki Sushi Bento Box. Weekend working started this week, they provided us with lunch choices of Wasabi Sushi or a Pret Salad. Of course I opted for the sushi!
5. Smoked Salmon. I have been a lover of salmon since I turned pescetarian, adding fish into my diet. This week I bought smoked salmon slices to add into my salads for work. This was the best decision I have made in awhile! Love trying new foods. However, this was great for my taste buds and not so good for my bank balance. Why is it so expensive?!
6. Church. Went to the HTB 9:30am service on Brompton Rd. It was one of those services that you think, wow he is literally talking about my life. I especially like this quote from today's speaker "The antidote to anxiety is gratitude, thankfulness gives contentment".
7. Mugs. Vintage and handcrafted I have finally bought some large mugs, they were the perfect charity shop find at only £2 each and covered in a beautiful floral print. They are so big, perfect for the morning coffee and night time hot chocolate.
8. Student Finance. I got paid!
9. Morning Porridge.
10. Autumnal fashion. Autumn fashion is my favourite, starting to make it's way into the stores. Even though I will be in the sunshine continent when it is autumn in the UK.|

Song of the week: Lily Wood & Robin Schulz - Prayer in c (Robin Schulz Remix). Gives me that Summer vibe.
Movie of the week: Sweet Home Alibama. Sunday night movie time.
Blogger of the week: Laura Jane Williams aka Superlatively Rude. Blogger of all things vagina, spiritualism and food. This girl is a super talented writer, not to mention hilarious.

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