Saturday, 23 August 2014

Picnic in Hyde Park

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A few weekends a go I hopped on the tube and ventured down to Hyde Park for the first time to meet Rosie and picnic in the park. Unfortunately we didn't have the traditional plaid picnic blanket or a wicker basket, so we made do with the ever so glamorous supermarket plastic bags. I guess the best thing about the plastic bags was that they had a multi-use: carry our food and then when we arrived formed our seat. Ok, maybe a blanket and basket would of been better, but as we had both moved to London with bare minimal a plastic bag was the only way for us Hyde Park picnicking newbies.

(I love the couple in this photo gazing at the greenery above them (left hand-side), it reminds me of a movie scene, Twilight perhaps? Relocated in London's famous Hyde Park)

As we explored the park to find the best place to set up our picnic, the sun shone brightly while families and friends gathered with the same desire of making the most of the unpredictable Great British weather.

We finally settled on the grass next to the lake.

Wide brimmed hats are a summer must have, It was actually a breezy Saturday in London, I was lucky I didn't blow away!

Meet Rosie, fashion lover, designer and a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. This girl is one of my closest friends, we lived together in Leeds for a year while I was studying my Art Foundation, and she was studying Fashion Design. She is now an official Fashion graduate and is also countryside girl who is now experiencing life in London. You can check out her fabulous designs here.

Our picnic consisted of an array of food we picked up from the nearby supermarkets. I have a obsession with sushi so couldn't resist grabbing a Taiko Sushi roll, I also chose a feta and olive salad and chopped apple pieces… satisfying all kinds of cravings. My vegetable sushi was in an egg wrap, I had never had this type of sushi roll before but oh my it was good! Rosie got a lot of nibbles, consisting of edamame beans, olives, tomatoes, hummus and vegetable crisps. 

Wish I could say we boated along the lake, but this time we unfortunately didn't, instead we soaked up the sunshine on the shore.

After our picnic we continued to venture and finally bid a sad farewell from some horses on the way out. 

We had then planned to go grab ice-cream...

I hate to admit that this didn't end up happening, we denied our stomachs of some gooey ice-cream mouthwatering sundaes, big mistake. Making it a new rule that no matter how full one should always make room for ice cream while basking in the sunshine! 

Next time I promise we will picnic the right way. I am talking picnic baskets, blankets, triangle sandwiches, crisps, fruit and ice creams.. the works. Prepare for picnic envy!

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