Sunday, 10 August 2014

My week in smiles #2

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HELLO. Happy Sunday. 

This week has mostly focused on good health. As mentioned in previous posts, I have realised that my body is not healthy and functioning properly.. which is effecting me being a good Textile Intern, the Textile Intern I had promised to be at those endless amount of interviews. So I have been focusing on gaining a healthy body & a healthy mind. 

Also, you or may not know this about me, depending on how well we are acquainted. But it is no secret that I am very unlucky when it comes to technical products. I would estimate that I have broken around 8 iPhones and 6 laptops - I once had 3 new laptops in a year - I can imagine my insurance company wasn't best pleased. Now I have to sadly declare that my technical unluckiness has made its way on to kitchen appliances as I have said bon voyage to the second microwave I have broken since moving into my flat, to make it even more a sad farewell the last one came with a vegetable steamer, It had full approval from the rest of the kitchen equipment - excuse me well I just fantasies about everything coming to life dancing and singing around the kitchen recreating Beauty & The Beast - Shameless Disney fan & proud. Any-who to continue my ramble, yep, I have undeniably broken.. not one.. but two microwaves in the space of a month. I sincerely apologies to my accommodation. On the topic of microwaves, I also managed to somehow burn/disintegrate a sweet potato in the microwave the other day, this was a not such a smiley part to the week as I was so Hank Marvin at the time (a bit of cockney rhyming slang, living the London Lifestyle after all) Luckily, I managed to cook up another quickly before my stomach got too foul mouthed. Anyway, I hope you all had a peachy week and lets hope the sunshine doesn't quit on us just yet!

Here are a few things that have made me smile this last week:

1. The Power is Within You - Louise Hay. I mentioned this book in my last post, I really recommend it even if you don't find yourself struggling in life, it is really interesting how powerful our minds can be & you never know it could change your life in 232 pages. 

2. Cardio Barre - Lower Body Shred Workout. I have been doing this workout on Youtube, it is only 15 minutes but really works your legs and glutes and it doesn't get boring, look out Kim Kardashian!

3. Andrew Johnson - Deep Sleep. This man has been talking me to sleep every night. Zzzz..

4. Lindt 70% dark chocolate. Made baby steps to find my balance, haven't had dessert/chocolate in weeks until today!

5. Cuckoo - Taylor Lautner. Need I say more?

6. Sushi. I only tried sushi for the first time a few months back, I am addicted. I could eat it every day of the week, and this week was one of them. Mmm.. 

7. Picnic in the park. Met up with Rosie on Saturday and headed to Hyde Park for a picnic, luckily the sun was shining brightly!

8. Lemons. When life gives you lemons? I have been loving eating lemons this week. Some might find it weird but I eat the whole lemon, even the skin. The skin actually has 5-10 more vitamins then the juice, and it tastes good.

9. Planet Organic. Treated myself a few goodies from this Devonshire Sq Planet Organic the other day, it is so good in there but so expensive. Why is healthy so expensive?

10. Discovering my new favourite coffee - Black Americano with Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup   I have visited Cafe Nero three times this week for this drink. 

Song of the week: Jesus Culture - Your Love Never Fails. This song cheers me up within seconds!

Movie of the week: The Wedding Planner. Is it just me that misses seeing Jennifer Lopez in movies?
Blogger of the week: Thumbelina Lillie - for making the #ProjectBareAll tag!

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