Saturday, 24 January 2015

Becoming a Yogi

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It was on my New Years resolution post that I wanted to become a fully fledged Yogi..

Admittedly I am not practising Yoga as much as I hope to yet, however have been following Yoga with Adriene videos on YouTube, which I usually do on the weekends as my body is still feeling chronically fatigued during the week days, but thankfully I can slowly feel my self becoming more awake and self aware once again, when I feel comfortable with my body again I will hopefully start practising my Yogi moves during the week as well.

Ok so I have done the occasional Yoga class in the past, but never really ventured into all of the foundations of yoga, (WARNING: remove all rude thoughts now) of course I have done the occasional downward dog, it is pretty much the move you will be guaranteed to learn at any Yoga class.. but my interest is in the contortion of Yoga, therefore I embarked on learning my first more challenging move this morning, Crow Pose.

This move will strengthen your wrists, forearms and abdomen, while improving your balance.

It is my challenge to practise this move for 10 minutes every day for a week, taking a day 1 and day 7 photograph to see the progression.

Feel free to join along and post your photographs too, which you can do over on my Facebook page or tweet me at @SSC_x

Here is the video I learnt from today:

The Basics:

- Bring flat palms and feet close together, bending them, while keeping back and chest elevated.
- Place one knee on the upper arm, followed by the other.
- Press your weight into the heel of your hand.
- Lean slightly forward, keeping gaze forward as well.

Oh and remember, the falling crow is one of most important steps toward mastering your Crow Pose, you have to try to perfect.

Day 1 Photographs:

I think you can already see the development in these photographs after a few practices!

Excited for my Yogi adventure now!


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