Saturday, 31 January 2015

Day 7 - Bakasana Practice

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So it is day 7 of the Bakasana (Crow pose) practice..

I hope you have been practising every day,

I managed to squeeze an extra 10 minutes of Yoga practice in my day to focus on my crow pose.

I know it still isn't there yet, but I have seen improvements in my posture and length of time I could hold this arm balance for.

The biggest thing I noticed was how important it is to engage you core, the more I did this the longer my posture could be stabilised.

So here is my day 7 photo's. Let's keep practising are foundations of Yoga and we will be ultimate Yogi's in no time!

Looking at these photos I can also see where I need to improve (note to self: KEEP FINGERS SPREAD AND FLAT)

But I have also come a long way, getting a better posture: more lifted, and showing more stability on my arms. Because I gained better balance I could hold the posture longer. This is just after a week of practice. I hope to perfect this one soon! 

Any suggestions for our next Yoga challenges? 

Thinking of keeping it simple with Tolasana or Vasisthasana.

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