Thursday, 19 February 2015

Discovering Our Higher Selves

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Good evening!

I am having a bed day today in order to recover for our Fashion Show tomorrow (note to self: do a post on work updates). It hasn't been completely lazy as there is nothing that makes me feel better then getting my yogi groove on! So this morning I did a yoga stretch sequence and then ate a big nourishing breakfast filled with plenty of vitamins. As I am in bed there is nothing I'd rather do then do some writing, so here I am typing away. 

Anyway, thats enough blabber. 

My yoga journey has opened my mind to self healing, healing the body using nourishing food, meditation and spiritualism. 

Plenty of people may have a laugh at things like this, but the one thing these things are teaching me about the mind, body and spirit, giving me self acceptance, as well as teaching me who I truly am and want to be. 

I recently purchased a book called 'The Book of Chakra Healing' and thought we could explore the book together, giving you a run down on the knowledge Liz Simpson shares.

First things first..

The Spirit of Energy

What I have learned from this chapter:
  • There are seven major chakras
  • Chakras are metaphysically linked to the systems of the body
  • In order for chemical action to take place, a change in electromagnetic energy of the body must occur, this energy is from the mind, explaining the link between the mind and the body for total health, physically, mentally and emotionally. 
  • The endocrine system is the bodies main control mechanism, responsible for hormones, thus maintaining parametres for optimal health.
  • If the nervous system and endocrine system are disturbed in either part, it will lead to malfunction.
The seven major Chakras
  • Adrenals - Root (1st) Chakra - needed for physical survival 
  • Ovaries/Testes - Secral (2nd) Chakra - emotional balance and sexuality 
  • Pancreas - Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra - for digestion 
  • Thymus - Heart (4th) Chakra - stimulates general growth and purifies through production of lymphocytes, scientists recognise that auto-immune diseases (the immune system attacks its own proteins, mistaking them for foreign substance) have an emotional link and not simply due to physical and environmental causes.
  • Thyroid/Parathyroid - Throat (5th) Chakra - linked to all forms of communication, corresponding the balance between the rational, cerebral approach and emotional expression of the heart.
  • Pituitary - Third Eye (6th) Chakra - influences growth, metabolism and body chemistry, while also having a strong connection with birth and motherhood. 
  • Pineal - Crown (7th) Chakra - the control centre for the function of our physical, emotional and mental selves.
The Sushumna
  • The sushumna is the vertical column which the seven chakras are located.
  • The sushumna channels energy from the Universal Life Force from the Crown and Root Chakras.
  • The journey of the chakras upward through the sushumna is s spoken in terms of Kundalini rising (serpent goddess), who travels through the root chakra to the crown.
  • The ultimate goal of the chakras is to find the higher self. 
The human aura
  • A steady flow of energy through the chakra system, ensures a healthy aura.
  • A halo of bright, multi-coloured light around the physical self.
  • The body is a field of energy. 
  • There is two primary electrical system in the physical body.
  • The first electrical system is the alternating current of the nervous system and brain, which governs our muscles, hormones and physical sensations. The second is a continuous electromagnetic radiation coming off our atoms, allowing for energy exchange between individuals and their environment. 
  • Each person has a unique energy field, accessed from a Universal Life force, "prank", or "chi". 
  • The energy is drawn to the body through each chakra and transformed into a quality, sense and emotional correlate. 
  • If there is a blockage of energy it will effect our whole function. 
  • While DNA preserves our genetic code, the transmitting bioelectromagnetic field can modify it. 
  • Scientists and ancient healers believe that the aura holds the key to a persons physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.
  • By maintaining a smooth flow of energy through our chakras, by freeing ourselves of mental or emotional traumas, we pre-empt the onset of physical dis-ease. 
(All above information is re-worded from Liz Simpson's book 'The Book of Chakra Healing')

This is a bit of information that has so far been outlined in the book. I find reading about this all quite interesting, and typing it out to you all helps me remember the information better, so I am sorry if it has all been a bit boring for you. 

Anyway, I think it is good to learn and grow, keeping an open mind to all types of beliefs and forms of finding our higher selves, whether you are finding yourself through sport, music or art, I believe that yoga, meditation and spiritual understanding is my form of finding and accepting myself.

So if you want to continue to delve into this book with me, great...

Welcome aboard!

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