Saturday, 26 July 2014

New Beginnings

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21/06/14 - I MOVED TO LONDON.

Ok, so I am starting this blog a little later then I had first anticipated. I had been planning on writing this before the big move, but with all the madness… I am writing this 26/07/14 - over a month later…

But I am finally settled.

I have a flat.

In Shoreditch, London.

I am interning with a designer.

She designs for interior furnishings.

She is lovely, which makes the days fly by.

London life is hectic.

I have found it hard to keep in contact with people as much as I had hoped.

So, I have started this blog.

To keep my friends and family in the loop.

And anyone else who may be interested on my interning journey in the capital.

I also have to write a report in order to achieve my Diploma in Professional Studies.

This will be gained after completing my year in industry, and will accompany my BA hons degree.

The essay will focus on my year and experiences.

I am secretly hoping they will let me submit this.

Wishful thinking...

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