Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Good Life.

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Before moving to London, I had always seen instagrams, tweets and blog posts about 'The Good Life Eatery', on Sloane Avenue in Chelsea, so of course when I was joined in London by one of my closest friends, Rosie (who is also a lover of all things health and fitness), I jumped at the opportunity to suggest that we dine at The Good Life.

It did not disappoint.

This cafe had a very laid-back LA style vibe, with small wooden tables and chairs all packed in together. As it is quite a small cafe, and one of few healthy food eateries in London, be prepared to queue.

They have a huge choice of breakfast and lunch options, from Granola, Poached Eggs, Salads and more. After taking roughly an hour to decide what we would order - there was so many delicious options, we both opted for The Goodness Bowl:

'Pad Thai Salad with Roasted Cashews, Teriyaki Broccoli, Avocado, Beetroot Dip with Thyme, Sesame, Spelt Crackers, Sweet Potato and Quinoa Balls with Coyo Tzatziki.'

While we waited for are food I sipped on my cold pressed juice, known as the Cashew Mylk:

'Raw Cashew, Filtered H20, Vanilla, Coconut Oil, Cinnamon and Dates' 

This was mainly because it contained three of my favourite things, cashews, cinnamon and dates. The only downside to this decision was that the drink was just as filling as the meal, so maybe one of the fruit and veg juices would of accompanied the meal better, but I have no regrets!

Rosie went for a smoothie instead, I was very jealous as it looked amazing... and tasted it, I couldn't resist a little sip when she offered. She went for the Choc Norris, a blend of:

'Sun Warrior Vegan Brown Rice Protein, Almond/Hazelnut Milk, Avocado, Cacao, Cacao nibs, Maca Powder and Banana'

There is loads of great juices and smoothies that you can slurp on inside or take away with you, so if neither of our choices take your fancy, don't fret.

We didn't have to wait too long until The Goodness arrived, and of course the compulsory photo with your food happened.

Don't under estimate this bowl, it was so good and so filling, it is fair to say we savoured every mouthful as it ended up taking us all afternoon to finish! So our brunch date turned into a whole day spent at this delicious cafe, I wasn't complaining tho.

However, it was quite pricey at £12.50 for the salad and £7.10 for my Cashew Mylk, but totally worth the money for a healthy, nourishing and stomach fulfilling meal.

You can visit there website, The Good Life Eatery, for directions and contacts, and browse a selection of there menu on Deliveroo, yes.. that's right, they deliver!

I would highly recommend this place to anyone, I even know what I want to try on my next visit…

But I will leave that for another blog post.

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