Sunday, 7 September 2014

My weekly smiles #6

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Two blog posts in one day?! That's right. Sunday has been my day of writing. I love writing but have been told I have dyslexia, meaning my writing skills aren't considered academic. But it is something I am passionate about, I have come along way with my spelling and punctuation thanks to good ol' spell checker. I somehow don't think spelling and punctuation is the most important thing when it comes to writing, I think you should write with your heart and use your creative mind, surely that is the most important thing? I for one don't pick up a book and think.. "wow, great punctuation". I read because the piece interests me, which is why I am such a lover of blog writing, I am not being marked, it is my little bubble, my journal for me and my thoughts and anyone else who might be interested. If you have ever wanted to look inside someones mind, wondered what people are thinking and like learning about peoples lives.. we'd have that in common. My favourite shows are Escape To The Country, Place in the Sun and Location, Location, Location.. this along with my interest in peoples lives pretty much makes the person who everyone thinks is "the nosey one".. meet me and you will probably feel like your on a quiz show. My interest in people might cause criticism but it is merely just out of interest I love learning and getting to know people and their interests. Any-who it has definitely been a day of Sunday rambles..

1. Making friends. New interns joined our team recently, like I said.. I like getting to know people!
2. Sushi Saturday happened. Working during the weekend means sushi lunch. The company treat us to lunch if we work during the weekend and the bins become filled with empty wasabi bento boxes and many happy tummies.
3. Learning new skills. I have learnt so much through my internships and it's only been 3 months, bring on the rest of the year.
4. London Fashion Week outfit purchased.
5. Relaxing Sunday of writing.
6. X Factor. I haven't watched the X Factor in years, but I flicked it on to see if the new judge panel could rope me back.. yep, that's right.. it did. So glad to have Cheryl and Simon back! Is it just me that thinks Simon seems a lot more timid since becoming a Dad?
7. Thinking about the future. Feeling excited and determined! Working in the industry makes me fall more and more in love with the creative world everyday.
9. Tea and biscuits. After dominating a sushi lunch in work on Saturday I continued to fight for true health and happiness, sharing out my biscuits among the Embroidery team & we all got dunking. It's safe to say there is nothing like a biscuit dunked into a freshly brewed cup of tea.
10. Turtle neck. I never thought I would say the phrase, I am loving turtle neck fashion. It is going to be huge this Autumn, turtle neck dresses, turtle neck tops, turtle neck jumpers. The turtle neck is making a comeback and I am welcoming it with open arms. Embrace the turtle.

Song of the week: Not just a song it is an album! Gabrielle Aplin - English Rain. This Album reflects my mood these days, it is the perfect album to sing along with into Autumn to!
Movie of the week: Fool's Gold. Kate Hudson is simply divine. Sunday night movies at there best.
Blogger of the week: Charlotte's Web. Her posts on Love are great. I like her writing style it is different to most bloggers, I have spent this evening with movies and catching up on her blog posts.

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