Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Anti-Model Series

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Rainbow haired models? The modelling world is being filled with confusion these days with the desire to be thin, tall and tattoo-less becoming less and less common, I could not welcome this change in the industry and society more. It is about time curves, tattoos and crazy personalities embraced the catwalk. 

In order to applaud this change via the internet and with the Fashion shows kicking off around the world, I decided to create an Anti-Models Series.This is going to be a series of posts on models that are standing out from the crowds of the typical "model brief" and rocking the runway. 

Heard of London's Anti-Angency? Well, they have already started blurring the lines in the modelling world with models being booked on personality over appearance. 

"They might be beautiful and be very cool, but they definitely don't take any shit!" - Pandora Lennard (Director - The Anti-Agency).

So what better way than a brief introductory of this series of posts then picking out a few of the ladies this agency represents. 

Abby - Fashion Student

Amy - Poet

Ayesha - Artist

Portia - Hairstylist

Sophie - Student

Sophia - Psychology Student

Sydney - Production Assistant

Photographs are all from the Anti-Agency website, which doesn't give much away about the models other than their personalities through a range of quirky photoshoots.

Multi-coloured hair, piercings, short, tall, slim, curvy, tattoo'd or not tattoo'd.. this is the start of a new generation.

All these model talk has me thinking about who will be walking the catwalk at the fashion show on Monday. 


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